The Power of Automation and Intelligence

The Power of Automation and Intelligence

Action Items for Implementing Automation and Intelligence


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Our previous articles delved into MFA Fatigue, recommendations to lower the risk of unauthorized access, and understanding who has access to what. This article will explore how to make your Identity Access Management (IAM) program smarter by introducing automation and intelligence. Why do Automation and Intelligence Matter? With the ever-growing number of organizations' applications, devices, and users, manual processes are no longer sufficient to ensure secure and efficient access management. Automation and intelligence are crucial to achieving a more agile and secure IAM program. They provide faster response times, reduce human error, and help you stay ahead of emerging threats.

Action Items for Implementing Automation and Intelligence

Automate Account Provisioning and Deprovisioning

Ensure new users are granted access to necessary resources quickly and securely by automating account provisioning. Additionally, automate the de-provisioning process to revoke access when a user leaves the organization or changes roles. Doing this minimizes the risk of unauthorized access and privilege creep.

Integrate IAM with HR Systems

Integrating your IAM solution with your HR systems streamlines user lifecycle management. This way, when new employees are onboarded, their access is automatically provisioned based on their role. Likewise, when employees leave or change roles, their access is automatically updated.

Implement Risk-Based Authentication

Use a risk-based authentication approach that considers contextual factors such as user location, device, and behaviour patterns to determine the appropriate level of authentication required. It helps improve security while minimizing disruptions to the user experience.

Leverage Machine Learning and AI

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze user behaviour and detect anomalies indicating unauthorized access or potential threats. Leveraging AI allows you to address issues before they become significant security incidents proactively.

Monitor and Analyze IAM Metrics

Track and analyze IAM metrics such as login attempts, access requests, and policy violations to identify trends and potential areas of improvement. This data-driven approach helps you optimize your IAM program and demonstrate compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Review and Update IAM Processes Regularly

Continuously check and update your IAM processes to ensure they remain effective and aligned with your organization's needs. Regularly audit access permissions to identify potential risks and ensure only authorized users can access sensitive resources.

With a better understanding of how automation and intelligence can enhance your IAM program, you're on your way to creating a more agile and secure access management system for your organization. The following articles will dive deeper into specific technologies and solutions to help you achieve your IAM goals.